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If it weren't for the unconventional training tools like Kettlebells, Rope Flow, and other implements of NeverBored training, I would have remained trapped in my old mindset, believing that I would always be the overweight kid I once was. My unhealthy habits and life stressors had caused me to balloon up to 347 lbs as an adult, and I knew something had to change.


Thanks to NeverBored training, however, I've undergone a complete transformation in my body, mind, and lifestyle. By embracing movement and incorporating Kettlebells, Ropes, Clubs, and other equipment into my fitness routine, I feel better than I ever have before. None of this would have been possible without these innovative training tools.



Since taking the Kettlebell Swings & Things class at Dell Webb over the past several months with Coach Myles, I have noticed a significant improvement in my balance, strength, & flexibility. 

Through the combiniation of music, kettlebells, & Slush Ropes, I am able to continue playing my favorite sports: Golf & Pickleball.

I highly recommend taking this class if you are looking for a fun way to Work Out!

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“I was looking for a trainer that understood how to work with someone who had limited use due to my hemiplegia sustained when I was only 21 months old. I came across NeverBored 24/7 when I moved to Myrtle Beach from Maryland last Summer & saw that Myles was certified as a Multi-Dimensional Movement Coach. I knew right then & there that he would be my trainer. I emailed him & he responded right away.

When we met, he looked at me and said “Let’s get to it!” I am so happy that Myles Hill is my coach because he listens & communicates well. He is also always thinking outside the box with his unconventional approach.

Myles also does ”Rope Flow” in private and group classes that I go to weekly. This was very new to me but it looked interesting & like something I could have fun with. After working with the rope for a few months I decided to purchase my own Slushrope & tie it around my wrist & now I can even do some Rope Flow with my bad arm. It seems to be moving better than before. Myles clearly enjoys what he does & it shows in our personal sessions as well as group classes I attend.

I believe in Myles Hill!”

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— My Story


Life is meant to be exciting and fulfilling, and I know this firsthand.


In 2019, I found myself weighing 347 pounds, struggling to maintain my weight while juggling work, raising three kids, and searching for happiness.


Despite my efforts, I felt trapped in a loop of frustration and injury until I discovered the answer to my problems: movement.

As someone with ankle injuries, running was not an option for me. Instead, I turned to unconventional fitness tools and purchased my own 35lb Kettlebell. It was love at first swing. I was amazed by the fluidity of the Kettlebell's movements, and I knew that I had found my calling.

As I continued to train, I discovered other unconventional fitness tools, such as the Steel Mace and RMT Ropes, and incorporated them into my regimen to reach my goals. I lost over 120 pounds and became a source of inspiration for friends and colleagues.

In early 2021, I decided to become a certified IKFF Kettlebell Instructor, NASM Personal Trainer, and Gymnazo Multi-Dimensional Movement Coach to help others discover the joy of multi-dimensional movement, functional strength, and goal attainment. Today, I am a Functional Movement Specialist, and I help clients all over the Grand Strand achieve their fitness goals through my NeverBored training program.

I believe that movement is the key to living a fulfilling life, and I want to share my knowledge and expertise with others. Through my training, you'll learn long-term solutions to achieve your goals, and you'll discover that life is never boring when you "Trust Movement." I look forward to meeting you and helping you live a life that is truly NeverBored.



"Trust Movement"


For Everyone

NeverBored 24/7 training is for EVERYONE because we believe everyone is an ATHLETE! It is our priority to provide exciting unconventional workouts that fit every fitness skill level & ability. NeverBored 24/7 is a message that transcends all ages, physical abilities, & fitness experience!

Easy on Joints

With NeverBored, you'll see results without the wear and tear.


Our training is a revolutionary new way of viewing fitness, mindset, and life designed to get you moving in a way your body has begging for since you were a child playing on the playground! Our system actually relieves pressure off the micro tears of your joints that "Bench Press, Burpees, & Bear Crawls" have been known to cause without proper recovery. The idea that you need to grind yourself into dust in order to lose weight or increase muscle is a fallacy—let us show you a sustainable and fun way towards sculpting a better, more healthy You!

Rejuvenate Your Energy

People ages 8-88 trust NeverBored to help them live fuller lives.


Maybe your children are addicted to games, screens, and social media. Maybe you're tired of feeling stagnant & unhealthy in your current lifestyle. Maybe you're lacking the energy to see life in a new light, or are finding yourself bored out of your mind. Our clients come to us with all types of problems...let's talk about yours and how NeverBored 24/7 training can be the catalyst you need for a better life!

Big Title



 Being an official Partner? Becoming a NeverBored 24/7 Certified Trainer? Sponsoring our youth athlete community program? Booking Myles as a motivational speaker? You name it, we have answers! 

Thank you!

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